Suddenlink Cable is Expanding Into North Lake

Currently Suddenlink Cable handles a very small part of North Lake. Many years ago, there were plans to expand, but unfortunately that never happened, giving most of the residents of North Lake very limited sources for high speed internet. As technology changed, the Internet in North Lake has remained a forgotten technology. North Lake Board Member Frank Bradley and others have been working with Suddenlink in getting us out of the "Stone Age", and into modern technology.

Frank says:  I have been asked to get the word out that the engineering for the phase 2 has been completed. This phase covers most of NL north of 3405 and west of 2338 over toward Council. What remains to be completed before the wires are strung is the final permitting for the access to each utility pole owned by PEC.

Suddenlink subcontracts that permit preparation to AdvanceOne. You may see AdvanceOne trucks in the neighborhood over the next several days or a few weeks. The AdvanceOne trucks are suppose to have co-signage saying Suddenlink but in order to speed the work I agreed with the decision to get the job done and to ignore the dual signage requirement. In a week or two the new signs may start to show up but so should the wiring teams. 

Once the phase 2 work is started, phase 3 and 4 engineering and design will begin and that should cover the rest of North Lake...both sides of 2338 and well as further west on 3405.
One new director reports that they have Suddenlink on the south side of 3405 and they love it.... at 50 MBS... 50 vs the 2.15 I am getting from Version DSL.

Eric Flores with SuddenLink has forwarded the following information and drawings. The drawings are a large file, but shows the details of cabling that will be starting in North Lake this spring.

Attached is our design to build the second phase of Northlake. Where you see Node GE188 and PS GE188 is the new design for Northlake. There are 23 pages in this attachment.

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